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The battle is won…

Posted by Catherine on March 24, 2008

…and I have CONQUERED and vanquished the beast I call Design Studio!

Holy cannoli, I can NOT believe that took me all of about three hours just to get the basics figured out! Thank goodness I decided to try out the trial version while my own copy is being shipped. Had I not, I think I would have thrown it back at Kim in frustration! *LoL*

So, after a million pieces of scrap paper later and some shrieks of frustration and impatience, I was finally able to make a square with a heart welded inside it.

WOW! I’m still amazed at how difficult it was. Newfound awe and reverence to the DS masters out there – Okie, Capadia, et al. All of you! I bow down…

This isn’t the end, I know…the battle may be over, but the war is just beginning. I’m gonna figure the crap out of DS if it’s the LAST thing I do!

*insert maniacal laughter here* MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA…

But first, I’m going to bed.



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Spring has sprung…

Posted by Catherine on March 24, 2008

…and so has a little spring cleaning! Mind you, the rest of my house looks like a freaking warzone, but at least my scraproom is getting in ship-shape.

Seeing how I don’t really like anyone enough to have them stay overnight, I moved our spare bed in the guestroom and stood it up against the wall to make room for me and my stuff. Originally, I had it still set up, but it was getting to be a pain to be squeezing in between the table and chair to get at other things. So voila! If we ever have anyone sleeping over, I’m sure they’ll find the floor very comfortable! I would say that I was just joking for the newbies’ sake, but those who know me probably would know I’m not really joking…LOL.

I also took a trip downstairs into the tenants’ area and took an unused DVD/movie case that was just sitting around. Instead of just keeping it on the floor, I had a little creative epiphany and put it on my folding table.

So there’s a full view with the desk and all its cleanly glory – it won’t stay that way for looong!

A close-up version. So once the rest of the stamps I’m waiting for shows up, I’ll probably have to move the picture and the plant up to the top of the shelf to make room for everything, but there’s my small embellishments in my glass jars (Dollarama 2 for $1), the smaller jars have paper “Prima” flowers and metal letters. Down under that is more jars and my Stickles! Will have to move those around later as I have more on the way! Under those are my stamps – mostly Studio G mounted stamps (my clear stamps are in my stamp binder) and below that is my carts! Only room for two more…! (Then I’ll have to get another shelf…there’s another one downstairs, but people are actually using it. Not for loooong…*giggles*

Alright, around the room we go: there’s the other side of my work table. My baby Cricut and my Cuttlebaby in full view of course! Inside the plastic shelves: first drawer = adhesives, a TON of adhesives, my Cuttlebug embossing folders in their plastic filing folder, a box of foam shapes and my box of glittery chipboard alphabets. Second drawer, more embellishments that I didn’t have enough of to put in jars, third drawer, 4×6 papers in filing folders and larger flowers and wooden shapes. Next drawer, my heat gun (that I totally stole from The Mister because he got it on sale at Canadian Tire for $9 – beat that Michael’s! BWAHAHAHAHA!) I know you may not all be that interested in ALL the contents, but consider it more for my purpose than for yours.

There’s a close-up of my corkboard that I just remembered I’ve had for forever! My one and only Cricut cutting mat (note to self: must get some more!) and some things that I was using, the Easter 3D stickers and my favourite ribbon. The hearts are wooden, I got them in 4-packs (4 different sizes in each colour) from the dollar store and I put them up so I could remind myself that I actually have them so I can use them eventually.

The other side of the room holds my sewing desk and once-used sewing machine that I had no idea we even had until about five days ago.

There’s my paper sorted by colour and stacks, the black and white polkadotted tote is a recent find to carry all my paper to my next crop-day, and there’s more stickers, 3D embellishments, yada-yada and cardstock.

And last, thought certainly not least is my basket of ribbon. There’s bobbins of ribbon inside the basket and the ribbon hanging are these spools that I’d gotten at the dollar store (5 for $1) and I found out that the spool didn’t have so much in them, so I just knotted them around the basket. This way I can see everything that I have. I only use a little bit anyways, so the length of each is perfect!

I’m just sitting here in my nice, clean scraproom that is slowly getting to be more and more MINE!

Before I forget, a couple recent acquisitions:

Can I just say that idea, tips and technique books are SO AWESOME! These are my favourites! They’re all so jam-packed with ideas and tips that it’s taking me about two days to go through an entire book, and it always seems like there’s more for me to find if I look through it again on another day! Love them!


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