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Like always…

Posted by Catherine on March 23, 2008

…just one more thing before I attempt to find myself a life away from updating my blog.

Can I just say the downside to an Easter long weekend? Government workers – should I stress, mail and delivery people – get Easter Monday off.



Thank you. Good night all.



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Baby steps…

Posted by Catherine on March 23, 2008

…one little step at a time. So today I handed out the Easter cards I had made for everyone. Just going to take a tiny moment here to do a little tooting (I realize now, how this is SO for from what I really meant – although after an Easter lunch with The Mister’s family and an Easter dinner with my family, not altogether that far from the truth…)! As I was saying – or what I really meant was that I was going to take a minute to toot my horn just a little. I was SO in love with the embossed card that I used liquid glass on. The effect was AWESOME! I couldn’t stop touching it and running my fingers over the smoothness of the embossed flowers. So there we are, toot, Toot, TOOT (both literally and figuratively I am not ashamed to say!) L.O.L.

Now that you know me just a LITTLE bit more than you really wanted to, let’s move on.

After I gave out the cards, both my mom and my aunt started in on me about possibly selling the cards. I shrugged it off (again, both literally and figuratively) and just said that it’s really all in fun. But they pushed a little, recruiting The Mister to join them – that little traitor. They asked him how many other people had suggested that and he told them more than a few others.

While it’s nice that they’re saying this – and I definitely feel good about it, I just can’t let myself think that I’m even anywhere near good enough to start asking people for money for the things I’m making. I mean, I’m looking at them and while I LOVE them to pieces, I just see them as ordinary. I mean, I’m a member of THE BOARD for crying out loud. There are SO many other talented women out there that I just think it would be presumptuous of me to assume that I’m good enough to start selling the things that I’m making.

Maybe it’s my own little mental issue I need to deal with as I’ve planned three other weddings (including my own) and a lot of people have suggested I try my hand at wedding planning. (One of the DJ’s I worked with even when so far as describing me as an army general – I had everything timed right down to the second LOL. He assured me he meant this as the highest of compliments). But like I said again, I just don’t feel like I could ask people to PAY me for doing that. It feels like…I don’t know, I would just get scared to have someone OFFICIALLY put their most important day so far all on me – and also pay me for it.

I have a psychology degree for Pete’s sake. I know what my mind is doing to me, but I am completely powerless to stop it taking ahold of me. Fear is holding me back from a lot of things…but I just don’t want anyone to come back at me and tell me that I just wasn’t good enough.

Grrrr, I HATE sounding like an afterschool special. Moving on…

If I ever get the nerve up to do anything further with the cardmaking or whatnot, I did find a nice site for those clear plastic packaging that some cards come in. They also sell nice clear boxes that you can put card sets in to, for those of you not being held down by fear.

I can definitely see a 5-pack (or whatever-pack) of thank-you cards or invitations going in here. Do NOT underestimate the power of good presentation! I mean, if someone put a bowl of what looked like crap in front of you (even though it tastes like the most heavenly thing you’ll ever put into your mouth) there’s no denying that it still looks like a bowl of crap, right?

This is orginally what I was looking for. I like the the look of cards all nicely and individually package in these nice plastic sleeves. The flap has one line of adhesive to keep everything nice and neat until that one special person buys it for another special person.

I say if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Get stepping, people!

Oak Creek Market Place


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