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A little break…

Posted by Catherine on March 22, 2008

…because I’m a little broke! I wasn’t going to mention anything, but as the blog has been a bit slow lately, I thought I would enter it in here anyway.

Before I get to that, have you ever noticed something about long weekends? It’s like, having one day where all the stores are closed makes people a little bit restless. It’s like in that one day, people remember every single thing they have to buy, or want to buy, or want to look at, so that the next day, when all the stores are open again, it’s a complete and utter madhouse.

Today, it seemed like everyone and their mother’s gardener and yoga-lates (I picked up that word from The OC) instructor was at the grocery store today. People! Where were you two days ago? We had to pick up some last minute apple crisp to bring to Easter lunch tomorrow and it was wall-to-grocery aisle packed. Needless to say, the Easter aisle looked like it was torn apart. Sadly to say, we were also part of this crowd. We picked up three Easter lilies and some chocolate for the munchkins.

ANYWAYS, I have once again wandered faaar away from what I was originally going to say, so I’ve actually got to backtrack to try and remember what I was goin to say. It’s proving to be a little hard as we’ve just put Michael Clayton on and the intro is confusing the heck out of me.

So…oh right. The event that needed documentation. We were in Zellers today (equivalent to Target…?) and I discovered, for the VERY FIRST TIME, a whole aisle with labelled with big letters: SCRAPBOOKING.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t really all that breath-taking, or vast a selection – even though it really was a whole aisle. It’s just the discovery of a whole bunch of scrapbook items all gathered in one place where I have never been is always a little exciting isn’t it? There were albums, clear stamps (there was actually a bit of selection on this, but they were all alphabet sets), a LOT of Fiskars things, embossers, cutters, etc.

So are you already thinking to yourself, ‘get to the point already!’? The point is, I wandered veeery slowly down that whole aisle. Looking left and right before taking the next step forward…looking everything over very carefully, looking again if need be and…I didn’t buy anything. Not one thing. I didn’t even pick anything up with the intention of buying it and then changing my mind. I reached for things…glanced at the price tag and wrinkled my nose before drawing my hand back.

With the help of my lovely enablers, I know a good deal when I see one. And just because this aisle is full of scrapbooking things, it doesn’t mean they were worth the price that was being asked for them. So take that Zellers! Keep your $5 single-page of stickers and $11 small packs of paper. As a true member of The Board, I am wiser and I know better than that! Plus, the sisters can probably point me in a much cuter and cheaper direction!



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