Better late…

Posted by Catherine on March 20, 2008

…then never, isn’t that what they say?

I’m a little bit disappointed that I didn’t discover ‘everythingbyhand’ on ebay much sooner (or at least before I ordered from ‘meganssecrets’). That would have saved me weeks of waiting, that’s for sure. I think I placed an order for embossing folders and I got them today!

Maybe it’s just compared to how long my other folders took, but it felt like it took no time at all! I love it. Here are my new folders:

So let me try to remember what I got…the one that looks like bubbles, the square mosaic, the bloom dots (?), something that kinda looks like a doily, and a script folder! HAHAHAHA, sorry I’m not so fab on the names, but I know half of you reading this probably own more folders than I do.

I know I said I was pretty much reaching the end of my shopping binge, but I would also like the butterfly emboss and cut folder. We’ll save that for another time because I picked up a couple more things…

Tonight was date night with The Mister (usually it’s on Wednesdays, but The Mister had that union meeting yesterday). Anyways, we went over to Chapters and wandered around the aisles together holding hands and of COURSE we happened to wander over to the Crafts and Hobbies section, and I got this:

Can I just say, WOW!?! I love this book. It’s by the same makers of that other reference book I got the other day and with these two, I don’t think I really need any other books. These books are thick and FULL of fun techniques and ideas. I will be sitting down sometime this long weekend with my Post-it tabs, for sure!

Okay, the guilt is close to creeping up on me, but I’m pushing it to the back of my mind because I PROMISE, aside from the things that I’ve already paid for and just waiting to come in, this last purchase is it for me and I’ll get to the creatin’ and makin’.

I ordered the DS today from Kim! I think I could have done myself a favor by getting this first. The welding feature I think will make it worth it all on its own. I’ll be welding and cutting a bunch of titles to bring with me to the all day crop, as I’m not sure if I’ll be bringing my little baby with me.

…and here lies the end of my post(s) for today. Wishing you a productive long weekend and a happy and blessed Easter!



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