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If patience is a virtue…

Posted by Catherine on March 18, 2008

…then virtuous I am not!

I feel like I’m going crazy waiting for things! I just can’t seem to settle into the crafting routine when I know I still have things coming. I thought that I would be able to get down to business once the Cuttlebug folders came, and although I did get some cards done, a little part of my mind is always still on the fact that I have things coming in.

I don’t mind delays. I really don’t – especially when I’m up-to-date. As long as I know what’s going on. Marti from Pez-a-Doodle was so good at E-Mailing me and letting me know the status of my order. Even when there was a shipping delay with the supplier, I didn’t even mind because I knew what was going on with it. But I haven’t heard anything from any of the other sellers I bought from.

Stamp Desires, I placed my order with them a while ago and I only got a notification this past Sunday that they refunded me some of my money because one of the stamp sets that I ordered was not in – and it was the stamp set I REALLY wanted, too! They didn’t even write me to ask if there was something else I would want or if I wanted to wait until they got it in. Nothing, just a notice that I was refunded something back.

The Scor-it that I ordered? Absolutely no word from them since I received my receipt from Pay-Pal, and it’s still not here! Things that I ordered after buying this have already come in and I have no idea what’s going on. I got my Scor-it from ebay so I’m seriously thinking of starting a complaint process or something.

So in conclusion, it’s not really the actual waiting that bothers me, it’s more the not knowing. I HATE not knowing things more than I hate waiting for things.

So let me think…what are the things I’m waiting for now…

  1. Studio G stamps (I already know they’ve been shipped and are coming!)
  2. House Mouse stamps
  3. Stickles (I actually still have to pay for these, but no invoice from the seller yet…bad sign since I asked for it early yesterday)
  4. Scor-it (I should have just bit the bullet and gotten from Scor-pal. Seriously regretting it now…)
  5. Cuttlebug embossing folders (from a different seller on ebay)
  6. Grab bag of stamps (impulse buy yesterday after everyone on The Board was talking about receiving theirs)

I seriously have to put myself on a ban…


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