Of paper and post offices…

Posted by Catherine on March 17, 2008

…I am completely exhausted.

To show just how exhausted, I got my other two cart orders from Kim’s Korner (I so love ordering my carts from her, shipping’s not too bad and I’ve got a permanent shopping cart, so I’ve already got my future orders on standby).

(pretend you can’t see the messy, messy scrap table behind the carts)

So here I am with my wonderful carts, (I can’t WAIT to cut scalloped circles and that cute little bunny I keep seeing on the boards!) and I’m sitting here flopped down in bed barely able to keep my head up to type.

Because I’ve been completely enthralled in the wonderful world of Cricut and The Board, I haven’t had the chance (well, I have, I just chose to do something else more fun – like Cricut-ing stuff) to go grocery shopping! Honestly, we had leftovers from like last week in our fridge, and that was pretty much it. No eggs, no bread, no milk, no butter…nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. The Mister and I were living off of takeout and visiting my parents quite frequently and making them feed us.

So after work, before I could get a chance to check the mailbox for any deliveries, I went straight to Costco and bought groceries. Well, more like the meat (LOTS of meat to last us for the next three months hopefully!) and all the things I mentioned above. I also grabbed the new Cecilia Ahern book (can I just say that I totally read all the books BEFORE P.S. I Love You came out as a movie? I don’t really know what difference it makes for me to see it, or what point I’m trying to make, but I just wanted that to be known.) I love this woman’s books – if you haven’t read any of her books and you feel like a break from the Cricut (heaven forbid) please start with P.S. I Love You (the book, not the movie!) and go to Where Rainbows End (I think that’s what it’s called), If You Could See Me Now and…I can’t remember the title, but just get everything she’s written. If you don’t like them, just RAK them to me! HAHAHA…

Anyways, after I got the book, I wandered down the office supply aisle and picked THIS up:

300 sheets of the preeeettiest paper! I’m having that urge to throw them up into the air and roll around in them again. Some of the papers are all glittery and sparkly too. The paper is by K&Company. I also had a huge scrapbook kit by K&Company in my cart as well, but I ended up putting it back since the main reason why I wanted it was for all the cute little embellishments. But I had to admit to myself that I had a lot of similar embellishments already anyway. Good thing my conscience got the best of me because my grocery bill ended up being $287. If you can imagine it, my face is looking kind of green and sickly…

But in my defense, the last time we did this huge grocery shopping was in October. We buy enough stuff that it lasts as a pretty long time – the only thing we have to replenish is fruits and vegetables. I’m banking on the fact that this is saving us money in the long run.

This post is getting pretty long, but I’m finding it really hard to care what you think, so I’m just going to keep going, as today was a busy day. After grocery shopping I had to stop by Wal-Mart to renew a prescription. Peeked into the craft aisle, but came out disappointed – it’s no fun that my WM doesn’t even carry ANY kind of Cuttlebug or Cricut items. But I did come away with this: (which is also a coinky-dink since some girls from The Board were just mentioning it)

I looooove this stamp set! And I can’t believe how long I’ve been stamping (one and a half weeks seems like such a long time ago) and I never thought about using brown ink. It looks SO nice. Especially with these swirly and flowery stamps.

So with all these fabulous things, you’d think I’d be having a party for one in my scraproom right about now. But writing this post has pretty much sucked up the rest of the energy I have, so I’m just going to curl up with my new book and snuggle under the covers until I get sleepy, kiss The Mister goodnight and it’s off to dreamland I go!

P.S. I also forgot to mention that I completely caved and got a 2 lb grab bag of stamps from Angi-B. I flipped through the online catalogue of the stamps I could be getting, and I am SO excited for it!

P.P.S. I am getting QUITE irritated at the ebay seller where I bought my Scor-it.


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