I am slowly going crazy…

Posted by Catherine on March 13, 2008

…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 crazy…

You know…to be honest…I have kind of lost track of all the things I’m supposed to be getting in the mail. *sheepish* I think I honestly feel a little bit of what it’s like to be addicted to something! I can’t seem to stop! While I’m waiting for these things to arrive, with every day that there’s nothing in my mailbox, I just feel the need to get something else. Iiiiinteresting…

ANYWAYS! I just got my Michael’s flier today and I am SO excited! There is FOUR coupons for next weekend, one of them being a 50% off one item, and a 30% off ENTIRE purchase! I’m hoping that I can control myself…actually, come to think of it…I don’t really need anything from there anyway. Oh well, except for this pearlized cardstock package that I was holding yesterday as I walked around the aisles. I ended up putting it back when I discovered a huge basket of Studio G wooden mounted stamps for $1.50 each. So I got a bunch of those instead and used my 40% off coupon on a Cuttlebug folder that I miraculously failed to order online. So I am now a proud embosser of D’vine Swirls!

I took pictures of the stamps last night, but my body is just not handling this spring forward one hour too well. I’m pretty much passing out every night pretty early and still feeling so tired when I’m waking up.

So, taking advantage of my waking time, let me try to remember the things that are on their way home to me!

Scor-it from some ebay seller…can’t remember the name right now…
4 carts from Kim’s Korner (I ordered them 2 at a time, a week apart, I think)
Stamps from Stamp Desires
Stamps from Marti over at Pez-a-Doodle (fabulously, she has E-Mailed me to let me know that they’ve been shipped)
14 Cuttlebug folders (2 in one shipment, 7 in another, and 5 in another!)

I’m trying to think really hard, but I think that’s pretty much it. So if you count the actual shipments, I’m waiting for 8 different shipments to come. Unless of course some of the sellers were still able to get the separate orders in one shipment.

I just hate all this waaaaiting!


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