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Blog hopping…

Posted by Catherine on March 12, 2008

…is the new thing to do!

“Raindrops on roses and lots of assorted stickers
Bright copper kettles and bright sparkly stickles!
Tons and tons of paper and bunches of embelly bling
These are a few of my favourite thiiiings!
When the dog bites, when the shipping’s laaate
I simply remember my favourite thiiiiings…
And then I order…mooooore thiiiings!”

I’ve been visiting all the blogs on The Board’s blog thread and I have been having so much fun looking at everyone’s things and thoughts and ideas and STUFF! I’ve been getting so many ideas and looking at all the pretty things I haven’t really been making any of my own.

Instead of trying to find the thread again, I’ve just been adding everyone’s blogs to my links list on the sidebar.

Got a fabulous comment from Marti today (Pez-a-Doodle) and for more great news, the Studio G stamps are COMING!

“Stamps and Cricuts and embossers galore
I just can’t help wanting so much more
Silver white winters that melt into spring
Buttons and prismas and stamps and Cuttlebugs and embossers and die-cuts and cards and layouts and stickles and stickers are AAAAAAAAAALL my faaaavourite thiiiiiiiings!!!!”

Looks like blogs and upcoming shipments make me bust out into song…just call me scrappy Julie Andrews!

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My very first…

Posted by Catherine on March 12, 2008

…So I went through my very first RAK – it was for no one on the boards, but an RAK nonetheless!

Work has been slowing down as the semester is drawing to a close and my coworkers and myself are pretty much just gearing up for the Spring term. I noticed one of my coworkers online and I asked what she was up to. She said she was ordering catalogues and I noticed that she was looking at a vacation catalogue and asked if she was planning on going somewhere nice to get away from all this snow. As it turns out, she said she was ordering them so that she could get something nice and colourful in the mail that had nothing to do with bills. Being single, she doesn’t really get much mail other than bills.

It kind of hit me as a little sad (and true, the only thing I usually ever get is bills too – except for recently, and that’s only because of my online shopping binge). So I went home and this past Monday I sent her my little lady bug card in the mail and didn’t tell her so she’d have a nice little mail surprise. I’m usually not one for any kind of serious conversations – I tend to make jokes when I feel things getting heavy, so inside the card I just wrote:

So you have at least one thing in your mail that’s not a bill or any kind of letter asking for money!

P.S. Can I borrow $5?

She got the card yesterday (I had no idea the mail could work that fast, I only dropped it off Monday morning! Which then leads me to think – WHERE’S MY STUFF?!) and this morning I got a nice, big hug and thank you!

And it made it worth parting with my sweet, little lady bug. Which is I guess what cards are for…to send people…I guess I’m going to have to get used to that part. Usually, after I make something, I love them all so much I don’t feel like giving them away. Must keep practicing that part…


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