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Hide the evidence!

Posted by Catherine on March 10, 2008

…oh boy. Hmmm…you know what? I’ll chalk this up to the online businesses’ fault. All of them – that I ordered from, anyway. All day I was so excited because I thought FOR SURE something has to be delivered today. I was sitting at work imagining what could possibly be delivered in my mailbox today and when I got home from a hard workout at the gym (I’m actually not exaggerating this time…interesting) you know what was in my mailbox? NOTHING!

Well, okay, that time I was exaggerating. There was stuff in it, but all of it The Mister’s. Not one little thing for me, not one Stickle, one folder, one stamp, NOTHING! If you care to imagine, I’ve got the biggest pout face going on right now.

Anyways, back to the point! So because I was feeling so sad about not getting in the mail, I thought I would take a little mosey on over to a couple stores. I stayed away from Michael’s – even with the 40% coupon, I didn’t really feel like getting only one thing and still paying more for it than I would have at Wal-Mart, so I went to Wal-Mart instead (actually I went to a Wal-Mart about twenty – okay FINE – thirty twenty-five minutes from my house because I had already lurked the Wal-Mart’s in my area) and I found PAPER!

The girls on The Board were talking about how they’re always buying paper and I thought to myself, “Self, should we be having more paper?” I have one pack of cardstock and one pack of pretty paper, and I thought most definitely I need paper. Anyways, the stacks at Michael’s are $29.99, so even with the 40% coupon, it was still kind of pricey, but I found these stacks for only $9.97! I know I spent more by buying three packs, but really, I saved because I would have only gotten one pack for MORE than $9.97 if I had bought at Michaels.

Anyways, a visual if you please:

The other pack is nice heavy cardstock from Staples. I had previously been using 65 lb cardstock for my cards and the pack there is 110 lbs, and ooooh it’s niiiiice!

Okay, so anyways, after the Wal-Mart jaunt (I was a little disappointed because this Wal-Mart happened to carry Cricut products and they only had like, two carts and I didn’t want them. If they had had ones that I wanted, I probably would have bought them…for full price. I’m such a now, Now, NOW kind of person). A stranger to instant gratification, I aint…

Anyways, so being in a different city, I decided to stop by two dollar stores I knew of and ay-yay-yay.

Adhesives…all adhesives…


You know…in my defense…except for the paper, the rest of those things only cost $1. ONE dollar. Not MANY dollars, just one. Well, one dollar each. But to be REALLY honest, at SOME stores, I saw the SAME things for like, $2.50.
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