Let it snow…

Posted by Catherine on March 9, 2008

…it was going to keep snowing anyways! So instead of being sad about it, I chose to have a wonderful time being snowed in with The Mister, Buffy and all my fun scrap stuff. I did spend a more significant amount of time with the first two, but I did get some things done.

I’m still under the impression that my cards won’t be 100% fabulous until I get all the things that I have on order, but what can ya do? I also figured it was time to stop buying things and then just staring at them. You know another thing I’ve discovered from my recent buying craze? Before, when I had all my stuff in one little box, I knew everything I had and could think of different things to make using only those things. Now with everything I’ve bought, I don’t remember all the stuff I have! I think before I start creating things, I’ll have to give my stuff a onceover.

Off topic here for a minute, can I just say how completely jealous I am of some people’s craft rooms? Looking at everyone’s craft rooms on The Board is my most favourite thread to look at and I just can’t believe the extensiveness of some of them. Oh well, something my little corner of the room can aspire to! The Mister and I are actually renting out the basement to two of our friends. It’s pretty much like a whole other apartment downstairs, with it’s own kitchen, washroom, living room and two bedrooms. Is it bad I’m imagining turning all that into a scrapping area right now? Maybe The Mister will be willing to build me a nice mini-cottage scrap room in the backyard. Like those children’s playhouses…only slightly bigger – and with heat! OoOoOooOoh…

Back on topic. Here is what it looks like outside this morning:

If you look at the picnic table, that’s actually the amount of snow we got from Friday evening and all of Saturday.

So with that going on, this is what I got done!

Let me see…the white cardstock is from Wal-Mart, the black cardstock is from a cardstock package – probably from M’s and it’s been Cuttlebugged with my one and ONLY embossing folder (where, oh where ARE YOU, ebay shipment???). I cut two circles from the George cartridge on my Cricut and embossed those as well. The wording is from Cricut and my little ladybug is a wooden shape from a package at the dollar store!

This one was done so I could play with the stamp I’d gotten from M’s the other day. Kind of plain and simple…I’m actually still trying to decide if I even like it. The bunny will be very familiar to you Cricuteers out there (it’s from my Cricut Sampler, if you’re not. Where, oh where ARE YOU, Kim’s Korner shipment???) That’s pretty much it with this card, the sun is a Studio G stamp and everything was coloured using Prismas and Mona Lisa. The doodles around the border as by yours truly. Oh right, I forgot to mention that the bunny kind of pops out a bit – I used those little foam-y dots to make it stand out from the actual card.

Out of the cards I made, I think this one might be my least favourite. I don’t have the whole colouring thing down yet, so I made a little mess of the once-cute butterfly. I embossed the corner of my WM cardstock and then tried to lightly colour the embossed edges. Used a Studio G stamp and some of my little faux prima flowers from ebay with my dollar store brads. More doodling by me – kind of got a little messy actually.

Ah well, just have to keep going I guess and trying out different things! Where, oh WHERE ARE YOU, online order shipments?!?!


One Response to “Let it snow…”

  1. Robyn said

    Really cute! My favorite is the ladybug card. Fun blog!

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