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Those who can’t create…

Posted by Catherine on March 7, 2008


I was so anxious to get home all day today – was putting up whiny posts on the board about how I missed my baby bug and wanted to go home to it. Except that when I got home, I found that I didn’t have the creative mojo going. I kind of sat around re-arranging things and making room for other stuff. I STILL feel like I can’t get anything done with all the stuff that still hasn’t arrived from wherever I ordered them! I’m still waiting on my embossing folders, stickles, stamps and more stamps and my cartridges and my Scor-it! I WANT IT ALL!


Anyways, after The Mister and I had dinner this evening, I tricked him into going to Michael’s with me because I was still thinking about the $1.50 Studio G stamps I had left behind the last time I was there. With Michael’s and all the overpricing going on there, there always has to be a priority list in place. So last time, I only got two Studio G stamps, and this time I got all the rest that were available! And I organized them into this:

Dollar store of course!

Look at them all! And I have 25 more of these babies coming! w00t!

This also came in the mail for me today, too! Ordered them off one of my favourite sellers on ebay!

Oh, and these are what the flowers I had ordered off of ebay looked like. I didn’t take pictures of the other kinds…maybe later…

Well, no creating done this evening. I’ve got evening engagements to attend to…hopefully I’ll be able to get SOMETHING done tomorrow!

But I sure love all the stuff I got!

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