Flower power…

Posted by Catherine on March 4, 2008

…while I definitely don’t mean for this blog to be about the things I buy to scrapbook/cardmake, the fact that I’m waiting for a lot of things that will bring my scrapbooking/cardmaking to a whole new level is kind of taking over the actual scrapbooking/cardmaking. Did you follow that?

In any case, it’s my blog and I can do what I want, so I’m going to keep talking about all the fun STUFF!!!

I got my first package today – I LOVE getting mail! Just a small one – the faux Prima flowers that I ordered on ebay! I got 200 flowers all together of different sizes and colours that I was able to choose (all for $8!) I can’t WAIT to start making things!

I know it’s silly of me as I was already making cards BEFORE the Cricut, but now that I know it exists, I feel like I can’t make any until I get my Baby Bug! I got my Cuttlebug to keep me distracted, but seeing as how my Michael’s sucks and barely carries an A2 embossing folders, I have to wait until my ebay order of embossing folders come. It just seems like I can’t make anything really good until all my fun things get here.

I am so excited for the House Mouse stamps. Much coloring will ensue!

I was tempted to post a picture of my flowers…but I’m snuggled up in bed with The Mister and Season Four of Buffy and nothing less than the delivery of my Baby Bug will get me out of bed!

Eventually I’ll be able to post some cards and other fun works…or maybe I should just change the title to Confessions of a Scrapping Shopaholic!

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