Just ONE more thing…

Posted by Catherine on March 3, 2008

…what I was telling myself as I click-clicked and ta-da! more new things on its way to my door!

In less than a week…from February 27 until today, these are the things making their way home to me!

1 Cricut machine – even though I don’t even have it yet, I’m already wishing I had just gone for it and gotten the Big Bug as they call it! All you enablers out there…I think one of the main reasons why I just decided to get the bug was that there was a special TV offer where I can make 5 easy payments instead of one huge payment…

2 cartridges – I don’t even HAVE the Cricut yet and I’ve fallen victim to those enablers yet again! I figured, I’m waiting and waiting and killing myself more waiting for the Cricut to arrive, I might as well cut the waiting time short with some cartridges because I KNOW I’ll want to have different times after I’ve had a chance to play around with the Bug. At this rate, I think the cartridges will be here before the Bug.

5 packages of Prima flowers – some sampler flowers that I’m really wanting as everyone else seems to have them (BAD reason, but I really did want flowers). Plus the scrapbook stores have marked them up a LOT (and these ones were $1/package!!!)

2 packages of rhinestones – I bought from this seller on ebay and used the rhinestones for the wedding invitations and the girls’ t-shirts from the stag and doe and the rhinestones are FABULOUS. Now I just need to remember where my heat applicator is…(plus, they’re really cheap!)

1 Scor-it – I was going for a Scor-pal and I cannot BELIEVE ebay failed me! They had NONE! They barely had any Scor-its listed, but one look at SusieB‘s work with the Cuttlebug (oh yeah…more on that later) and Scor-pal and you’ll know why I deemed it essential that I own one too…

25 acrylic stamps – in my defense, they were sold as a whole package and they were $1 each. I have fallen in love with the stamping work that the girls on the board have done and one day I hope to use one of the ones I do in a card…(more on the stamping and other materials involved with that)

16 Ranger Stickles – apparently, these are THE things to have when wanting to apply a little bling-age to cards and layouts. I bought glitter glue from the dollar store and I’m hoping that these blow them out of the water. They weren’t $1 but I’m expecting big things from these…

2 different shipments of Cuttlebug embossing folders
2 in one shipment and
7 in the other – because not only does Cuttlebug NEED more embossing folders, I need more embossing folders. And they are more than half-price less than they sell at Michaels.

So these are the things that are being shipped to me at some point…I’m hoping all SOONER rather than later…

These are the things that I had to have at the moment and wasn’t really going to wait to order…

Cuttlebug – when I ordered the Cricut, I said I didn’t need a Cuttlebug because Cuttlebug’s are die cutters and I already had a shape cutter on the way. Then I learned that the Cuttlebug can emboss. From SusieB once again…take one look at her cards and you KNOW you have to have a Cuttlebug. It’s imperative…

Well, as Michael’s is the asolute tightwad of making innocent scrappers like me buy things for way more than they should cost, the Cuttlebug only included 4 little embossing folders and not really any of the ones I wanted. So I had to buy 2 embossing folders so I could see what the Cuttlebug could do ASAP.

As I also wanted to try the stamping technique that SusieB is a fan of, I needed to have stamps. I was lucky enough to come across the cutest acrylic stamps for only $1.50 (there’s four stamps in a package), I kind of negated that purchase when I also needed to get a clear acrylic block and archiver’s ink…and to colour the stamps once I’ve stamped them, I needed Prismacolors and Gamsol (or what they like to refer to as odorless mineral spirits). So I got those as well…Q-tips weren’t doing a good enough job to blend the colours, so I had to get blending stumps as well. Four in a package, thank goodness…

Let me think…what else have I acquired just recently…oh right, some blending chalks, eyelet tool kit (which was on clearance may I add), some paper and storage items and a bunch of things from the dollar store – even though I’m saying they don’t count, with the amount of things that I’ve bought, I’m sure it’s adding up.

Notice how I’m not brave enough to put how much I actually spent on these things…

Ignorance is bliss…

…it is also broke.



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