Dream a little dream…

Posted by Catherine on March 3, 2008

I had the WORST dream last night. The Mister and I had a Buffy marathon last night (can I tell you that Wal-Mart had some of their boxed DVD’s on sale for $17 and I was feverishly grabbing every single Buffy season I could get my greedy little hands on) and you’d think I would at least have dreams of ghoulies and ghastly goblins.

Nope, it was worse than that. I had one of those dreams that were so realistic I had no idea it was even a dream until about five minutes after I woke up.

Everyone who knows me will know I am not the most patient person – ever. I will pay more for something if I know I can get it right away. Like, as in now. At this moment. NOW. On ebay, I will only look at things that have the Buy Now option because I don’t even want to wait for biddings to be over. In any case, I ordered the Cricut online and am now stuck waiting for it to be shipped to me.

I HATE waiting.

So anyways, back to what I was talking about. I guess I’m so caught up in all this waiting and wanting my Cricut so badly, I dreamt that it came. I dreamt that it was delivered on a Sunday (yes, even in my dream I thought this was weird, but dream me thought “don’t knock it!” so yes, I received my Cricut on a Sunday and was SO happy and was having a grand ball playing with all my cartridges and making fabulous things in a SusieB-esque kind of way. Everything felt SO real that when my alarm went off this morning, I was so disoriented and got up looking for my Cricut. For some reason, in my dream, I had it in the bedroom so when I woke up I was looking around wildly for it until finally it registered in my sleepy little brain that I must have indeed dreamt the whole thing and I still as of yet DO NOT have my Cricut.

I can not even tell you about the disappointed feeling I felt as soon as I realized it was all a dream. Honest, I felt like I actually had it and then it was taken away!

Curse you Provo Craft and your wonky shipping and tracking information! I hate waiting…


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