Just one more thing…

Posted by Catherine on March 2, 2008

I’m the kind of person that likes the lead up to things…

I like the planning and preparation for a trip rather than going on one…
I like the planning and preparation of a party rather than going to one…

I just love know that I’ve got everything together and that I’m prepared.

I think that’s the same with scrapbooking/cardmaking.

It has been almost a week since I ordered my Cricut and I have been on one crazed spree in preparation.

I also kind of blame the message boards. I look at what everyone is making and what everyone is using and they’re talking of how great it is and all I can think is “I WANT ONE TOO!” And it’s not stopping there…over the week, I have pretty much gotten everything that I’ve read about on the post.

The sad thing is…I haven’t made one layout or one card since I discovered the Cricut. Every time I sit down and try to make something, a little voice just keeps saying that it would look better if done with a Cricut, if done with this, or done with that…whatever.

I ordered the Cricut, and from the boards, I learned what a Cuttlebug was and ordered that too. Of course, the Cuttlebug doesn’t really come with anything useful so I had to buy some embossing folders to go with them. Michael’s didn’t have enough so I went online and ordered more. 10 to be exact…I think…it could be more actually. Then I started reading about people stamping cards and colouring them so I went out and bought Prisma Colours (OMG, not just ANY pencil crayons…$40 pencil crayons, and that was the CHEAPEST) and the odourless mineral spirit which I have no idea what it is, but I bought it anyways. I got the blending stumps because someone said that Q-Tips just didn’t cut it. I got some stamps but Michael’s didn’t have the cute ones that the message board people did so I ordered those online too. What’s worse than having ordered all these things (I’m leaving some things out because I’m starting to freak out about everything that I ordered) is that I have to WAIT for all these things to get to me. I’m a now kind of person and this waiting is killing me…

Note to self: I still haven’t made anything…

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